About us

This is our classic yet cheesy prom picture. 

This is our classic yet cheesy prom picture. 


Quite Frankly Creative is a small, dedicated group of girlfriends who love all things PARTY. From exquisite invitations to overall event experience. With a strong background in graphic design, event design, floralizing and crafting, QFC thrives on spreading our love for creativity into every aspect of your special occasion. We promise to provide the most memorable experience from start to finish. Whether it be a shower, a wedding, a birthday, or just a downright awesome party. Located in San Diego but willing to help wherever, whenever.

-From left to right-


Alex is Frankie's sister, and is the helping hand that everyone can rely on. She is artistic, crafty, organized and down right awesome. Alex dabbles in graphic design, but the biggest hat she wears is floralizing. 


With a passion for art, food and all things fun, Vanessa is always teaching us to be our best selves. She has a love for the environment which brings out great sustainability practices when working with paper goods and flowers, a love for dogs (namely her own, Lucy) which always is a good stress reliever during the home stretch! and she has a love for helping people, which is of course also an amazing trait because we need all the help we can get!


When maggie is not supporting us from afar, (dreadfully moved to san francisco to be cute newlyweds with two great dogs in a new home and left her perfect friends in san diego), she is the ray of sunshine and positivity that keeps the team moving. Always willing to lend a helping hand, and her big muscles, Maggie is the perfect teammate, friend and fellow flower lover. 


Frankie is the founder and CMM, Chief Micro Manager. She is the overall visionary, calls most of the shots (with approval from her peeps), and of course, micro manages because she is a perfectionist! Frankie has an art degree with a concentration in graphic design, and loves all things flower. 


Kate has an amazing personal assistant background, making her the perfect bookkeeper. She keeps us all in line, refills our glasses of white wine, because...white wine. AND she has started to love her career of making floral arrangements. Kate also has experience in finance, assuring that your getting the best bang for your buck on your big day.